Cambodia 10.08.2010 - 24.08.2010


Addressing the past to change the future. A firsthand discovery of Cambodian culture
An intercultural study exchange.

Do you love traveling and learning about other cultures? If so, join us for the trip of a lifetime this summer in Cambodia. Cambodia’s rich history and genuine hospitality will come to light as we visit ancient temples and National highlights as well as off the beaten path destinations. We will experience Cambodia’s diverse and beautiful culture while exchanging thoughts with NGO’s, Human rights activists, and students of our own age while learning about Cambodia’s state of affairs. This trip will be an eye opening experience, educational, and a lot of fun! As a group, we will share many unforgetable experiences together. By the end, we will have a comprehensive understanding of Cambodian culture, politics, and society. The trip will give our group firsthand experience and insight into much of Cambodia’s beauty as well as its multitude of problems it is currently facing.


The overall objective of IFIL’s programs is to foster intercultural learning. With the trip to Cambodia we intend to give a complete perspective of Cambodia’s current situation and development. Although it is widely known that Cambodia is still a developing country, we will go far beyond that limited area. We will look at the challenges related to the structure of the fairly young political system as well as the increasing disparities in a society marked by social change and demographic imbalances. Since these are areas where Cambodia is struggling, visiting Cambodia will be a timely and very remarkable opportunity to experience and understand the country as a whole. Through daily encounters we intend to discover how people perceive Cambodia’s changes and what they envision for the future. One focus of the trip will be the effects of the UN tribunal that will go on until late 2010. We will speak to activists and locals to hear their perspectives and learn how the tribunal has changed Cambodia. As we would like to provide you a versatile insight into the country we will travel to many different locations in Cambodia.

Goals for the trip include:

  • to become familiar with the effects of genocide and political upheaval
  • to be exposed to the effects of climate change and human exploitation of nature
  • to better understand the effects of poverty
  • to witness a UN tribunal and its role for the population in dealing with the past
  • to learn more about the task of reconstructing a strong country
  • to see Cambodia’s beautiful nature and experience a unique culture

We plan to gain deeper insight into these questions:

  • How can a country that relies on natural resources generate economic growth – and not at the expense of nature?
  • How can we integrate physically disabled people better into society? As a country littered with landmines, how can it use the potential of its disabled people and offer equal opportunities to them?
  • How can Cambodia establish a more vital democratic system?
  • How will the 21st century confront the issue of landmines? Land mines target mostly civilians and kill approximately 2000 people per month, while being still quite popular among political leaders (e.g. the USA, China, India, Pakistan, Myanmar and Russia among 39 other countries refuse to sign the 10-year-old treaty banning anti- personnel landmines).

The 21st century is facing many obstacles, difficulties and challenges. As the generation that will be in power, now is our time to broaden our horizons and gain necessary knowledge and experience to choose the path of tomorrow’s development.

So why don’t we start right now? We will leap right in and discover Cambodia, a country that faces the 21st century’s challenges and is on the road to recovery. An IFIL trip like this provides a lot more than personal growth; it opens our eyes and minds to solve new obstacles that the world is facing. Right now is the time for tomorrow’s decision makers to prepare- namely our generation.