Uganda/Rwanda 07.08.2009 - 24.08.2009


The aim of the trip is to get an insight into the various aspects of the political system, the economy as well as the society and culture of Uganda and Rwanda.

During the trip we will be focusing on the following topics:
  • The current geopolitical situation in the Lake Victoria region
  • The political system and culture in Uganda and Rwanda
  • The social, linguistic, cultural and religious diversity
  • The human rights situation, especially for women
  • Social Business and doing business in Uganda/Rwanda
  • Touristic aspects

In order to pursue these aims, we will be meeting with representatives of the government and the opposition. Furthermore, we will be talking to business leaders, officials from NGO’s and international organizations as well as academic leaders.

Interacting with the locals will be a further important aspect of the trip. In order to reflect on our own views and beliefs, we will be engaging in interesting and stimulating discussions with journalists, students and the native population.

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