China 01.09.2011 - 13.09.2011

Nowadays the term China is being used more and more. Made in China is very common in big stores.
During the last few years the media has reported a lot about China. Many Europeans think to know a lot about this country. Some are even afraid of China, others cannot even distinguish Japan from China. Actually only very few know what is currently really happening in China, what the population thinks about China’s future and how they deal with their problems.

The target of this trip is to give you a brief but real insight into China. You will be able to look into how China’s political and legal system works, why China has such a rapid economic growth and what kind of problems the country has to deal with. Last but not least you will certainly get introduced to Chinese culture.


  • Visiting foreign enterprises to find out chances, risks and challenges in China
  • Discovering contrasts and differences between the golden eastern cost and other regions
  • Learning about green innovation projects in China
  • Learning about the development of human rights in China
  • Seeing into tensions between Han-Chinese and minorities, in particular Moslems (e.g. Uyghurs)
  • Finding out how Beijing deals with its waste by visiting a waste management plant