Swiss Study Trip 26.04.2012 - 27.04.2012

In order to learn from other cultures we must know ourselves and where we come from. Now IFIL offers opportunities to broaden your knowledge of the country and society you live in. Rural idyll and sophisticated cities – the IFIL seminar on Switzerland’s urban and rural settings examines these two faces of Switzerland and the space between where they meet.

Switzerland has long been known and admired for its picturesque, unspoilt landscapes and highly liveable cities. But what of the space in between where rural and urban boundaries merge? Policy areas including agriculture, transportation, environment, housing, tourism, energy and social policy have an impact on space within a country. Over two days the study group will investigate the contrast between urban and rural settings and the relationships between them. A key goal is to develop an understanding of the principles of sustainable development policy that could determine positive futures for the economy, society and environment in both town and country.

In a series of forums and meetings with politicians, planners, political analysts, policy makers and other experts in their fields, the IFIL seminar on Switzerland's urban and rural settings aims to plunder the country’s capital for knowledge. An overnight stay will be made in rustic lodgings in Emmental countryside where the group will enjoy an evening meal together.