Bosnia 06.04.2012 - 14.04.2012

Discover Bosnia- a country, 15 years after a bloody civil war, on its way to Europe! A melting pot of cultures and religions, where former empires met, situated in a fantastic landscape!

Srebrenica, Sarajevo, Mostar – places, Bosnia is known for. Most people associate these places with the bloody civil war that has perpetrated Bosnia 15 years ago. Since then Bosnia has become famous as problem child of Balcans while its neighbour country Croatia is well-known as a touristic place and will soon join the EU. Headlines about the prosecution of war-criminals and nationalistic results of elections only reinforce the image this country has.

But whats about the Dervish monastery in Blagaj, the amazing valleys of the river Vrbas, Sava, Drina, reams of thermal springs in beautiful rural landscapes? Thats also Bosnia. The country has various natural ressources, host some innovative projects and has a dynamic youth. On the other side, the unemployement rate is high and young people want to leave the country because of missing perspectives. How do people live in Bosnia? What does the actual situation of the country look like? What are the present political, social and economic challenges for Bosnia and where is it going to?

On our study trip we will try to find answers to these questions, visiting different places all over Bosnia. Discussing the countries challenges with politicians, young people, internationals and experts from different fields, will give us a more profound understanding of Bosnia. Bosnias past, the communistic period and the war, are topics, we will certainly hear about at various opportunities. But on this trip we want to go a step further and think about its future. Youth and tourism, two crucial ressources of the country, will be in our focus.

On this study trip you will:

get in direct contact with young people living in Bosnia:

  • discuss visions for Bosnia with young politicians
  • speak with Croatian and Muslim students in the divided city of Mostar
  • learn how Bosnian NGOs managed to get a youth law passed

discover the touristic gems Bosnia has to offer fist hand:

  • rafting in or paragliding above beautiful Bosnian valleys
  • visiting a Dervish monastery
  • relax in Bosnia’s thermal spring