Israel/Palestine 09.08.2012 - 22.08.2012

Israel/Palestine - Political yet above and beyond politics. Get to know the countries behind the image given by the media.

What influence does the past have on current Israeli society and culture? How are these countries dealing with new economic challenges in a world that is more and more interconnected? And what is the situation of Muslim women in Palestine like nowadays? These and more questions will help us to develop a better understanding of the region as a whole.

The study trip will start in Tel Aviv and concentrate first on the Israeli side. After field trips and a visit of Jerusalem we will head to the fortress of Massada, swim in the Dead Sea, and stop at the Oasis Ein Gedi. We will then explore Occupied Palestinian Territory. Visiting Ramallah and witnessing the complex situation in Hebron will help us better understand the region and the conflict. Despite our aim to not only focus on conflict it is of course impossible to exclude; as it has a major impact on daily life.


  • Jerusalem feel the tension in this religious center that never found peace
  • Talk with Women at the Institute for women studies about Muslim society and struggle for independence
  • Meeting with a doctor from the organization Medical relief and get a first hand insight into the health situation in the west bank
  • Visit Neve Shalom; a village where Israeli and Palestinians live together
  • Tour through Hebron, city of conflict and contrast, with the Israeli NGO Breaking the Silence
  • Experience Ramadan which occurs during our visit