Indonesia 10.08.2014 - 23.08.2014

Have you ever thought about visiting the world’s largest archipelago country, Indonesia? This name represents its 17’000 or so islands which span more than 5’000 km eastward from Pulau Weh in northern Sumatera to Irian Jaya on Papua. Did you ever wonder which challenges Indonesia currently faces? On our trip you will be able to get an insight into Indonesia’s political, social and economic situation and furthermore discover its cultural and natural beauty.

Why Java and Bali?

Indonesia has hundreds of travel opportunities, but in order to understand the country it is crucial to visit Java, home to more than half of Indonesia’s population. Java disposes with several megacities, including the capital, Jakarta, which is undoubtedly the country’s political and economic heart. Concerning culture and heritage, the area of Yogyakarta is definitely a main draw, with treasures like Borobudur and the Kraton. While Java is now predominantly Muslim, many old Hindu temples are evidence of a different past. On Bali in contrast, Hinduism remains by far the most important religion. Both Java and Bali offer an amazing lush landscape with beautiful volcanos to discover. In Bali, you don’t want to miss the coast either.

Goals of our trip

  • Broaden your insights about Indonesia’s current challenges in terms of economic, political, social and environmental issues during meetings with various people of interest

  • Get to know real Indonesian life through a homestay with a local family in Malang

  • Discover Indonesia’s rich history and cultural heritage on Java and Bali

  • Enjoy outdoor activities ranging from volcano hiking to snorkeling


  • Pre-meetings intended with the Indonesian Embassy and PanEco

  • Jakarta meetings: intended are Swiss Embassy (Swiss-Indonesia Relations), ASEAN (The importance of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations), Foreign Affairs (Indonesia in Asia), Ministry of Economics or Professor (Economic and social challenges), Cekindo (Investment opportunities in Indonesia), journalist (“multi-religionalism”) and more

  • Experiencing real Indonesian life through a homestay with a local family in Malang

  • Seeing the making of Batik, a national heritage of Indonesia

  • Visiting Borobudur temple and Yogya’s and Solo’s Kratons

  • Hiking on Bromo and Ijen volcano

  • Snorkeling around Menjangan island