Tanzania 05.08.2014 - 18.08.2014

Tanzania is known as one of the emerging countries in Africa. Indeed, Tanzania is undergoing rapid change at the moment – there is a new national constitution in the making, huge infrastructure projects are being implemented in the megacity of Dar es Salaam and elsewhere in the country, and the government aspires to reach an ambitious developing vision by 2030. On the other hand, Tanzania is still labeled as “developing country” and its citizens have to cope with publicly not accountable state organs, insufficient social services and a problematic infrastructure. So, what’s it actually like now?

Our Tanzania trip will tackle this challenging question and thereby exceed all your expectations, yet at the same time erase them completely. With the help of our friend and the local guide Gabriel, we will manage to introduce you to the real Tanzania, a Tanzania tourists normally don’t experience. The trip takes you far beyond full board safari camps, striped gilets and black wooden figures - you will get an insight into the society, situation of youths, political circumstances, economy, art, religion, past and present of Tanzania. Within two weeks, you will be introduced to a Tanzania from different local points of view. We will take you to both internationally supported and locally established organizations as well as governmental institutions to demonstrate the differences. Surely, the trip will make you rethink the concept of foreign aid.

Various meetings with Tanzanian youths, professionals, politicians, ambitious activists and many more will make you understand how living in this so-called “developing country” works – and, that it works! You will realize that your image and understanding of this East African country have been modified entirely and that you are surely proficient in Tanzanian bus riding.


  • Exchange with local youths, professionals, politicians, activists and students
  • Visiting the cities of Bagamoyo, Arusha and Dar es Salaam
  • Exploring Stonetown on Zanzibar island
  • Visits at human rights centres and other very ambitious NGOs
  • Getting to know governmental institutions and their views
  • Insight into the culture of the Masaai
  • Learning about the situation of local youths and their opinions
  • Swimming in the warm Indian Ocean
  • An optional Safari through the national parks of Tanzania

Starting off in Dar es Salaam, with 4,5 million inhabitants Tanzania’s biggest city, we will first focus on the situation of youths in the country.
After three days, the trip takes you to the historical Bagamoyo and then to well-known Arusha. In a Masaai-village you will be confronted with their traditional customs and gain an impression of the Tanzanian village life. Coming back to the international city of Arusha, you will have the opportunity to talk to officials from the East African Community (EAC), a political union of five East African countries, and to visit the African Court of Human Rights. Back in Dar es Salaam, we will learn about the Tanzanian economy and deepen our knowledge about the political and social circumstances. A short trip to the mystical island of Zanzibar will enable you insights into their extraordinary political relations with the Tanzanian mainland. You will also have time to stroll the winding alleys of Arabic Stonetown and to do your annual spice shopping of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and many more.
Moreover, we offer an optional safari at the end of our study trip. This enables you to encounter wild living animals and to marvel at the magnificent landscapes in Tanzanian national parks – while we would make all arrangements for you and provide a reasonable budget from a trusted safari-operator.
Of course, there will also be time for talks and discussions within our group. The organizers are always responsive and gladly help reflect the experiences and impressions.

There will be two prepatory meetings in Switzerland prior to the trip. During these meetings we will already get to know each other and prepare ourselves for the study trip. Furthermore, we will compile a reader and other information that will help you prepare yourself for Tanzania and the meetings during the trip.