Namibia 19.09.2015 - 03.10.2015

Namibia is a country shaped by extremes. This is a society deeply separated due to its history. Its landscape is characterized by a rough desert climate in which only the hardiest creatures and plants can survive. We will get in close contact with the people that make their livings there withstanding and mastering the difficult realities they face.

In one of the most beautiful places in Namibia we will stay together with local students, eat the same food, sleep in the same huts and we will learn how to adapt ourselves to what we find. We will also get in touch with a uranium mining industry that seems to stand in stark contrast to the well adapted lifestyles required for living in the Namib Desert.


  • Get to know the extreme conditions of life in the desert
  • Get in close contact with local people, their culture, their hopes and their needs
  • Immerse ourselves in the social situation of a country with tracks of the Apartheid
  • Take a glance at the political situation, split in parties of different ethnic groups
  • Understand the economic situation and mining’s role


We will start off in the capital of Namibia, which still has remarkable sighs of its colonial history. One of the main highlights of the trip is the following: 2 days in the NamibRand Nature Reserve with Namibian Students. Getting in very close contact with not only the desert, but also the people living in it. After that we get the chance to visit a farm in the south of Namibia, we will be shown how to farm in an area with less than 100mm rain per year. As a contradiction to the beauty of the desert we will see a uranium mine from the mining company’s view and from the workers view.