Kosovo and Albania 18.08.2015 - 27.08.2015

Would you like to get to know two very different countries that share a tumultuous past but also the same unique language? Have you ever had the opportunity to visit this little-known European region, following in the footsteps of war and communism? This trip gives you the opportunity to visit two countries in just 10 days and discuss interesting political questions, experience societal and religious diversity, learn more about the regions contrasting history and also see natural spectacles.

The trip begins in Pristina the capital of Kosovo and the economic, political and cultural hub of the country, where past and current political issues, the relations to Switzerland and a meeting with peers are on the agenda. Moving on to Mitrovica and the Serbian enclave Gracanica, the unresolved problem of a still ethnically divided society can be felt firsthand. Before crossing the border to Albania, the Serbian Orthodox monastery in Peja and Prizren, a picturesque Ottoman town, are explored. Next stop is the North of Albania, where we spend time in Valbona Valley a must see national park. We then travel to the seaside of Shkodra, where the focus is on women’s rights in a rather patriarchal society. In Tirana, the beating heart of Albania, an insight is given into the perspective of EU membership and discussions with minority groups illustrate their daily struggle for recognition. There is enough time to wander around in this colorful city and soak up the atmosphere.


Kosovo and Albania are two countries located in Eastern Europe and are often perceived as a single country although they have different historical, political and cultural aspects. This trip intends to investigate the history of Kosovo by examining key points in the country’s political situation, gender issues and culture. Kosovo is a very young country formed only in 2008. Contrastingly Albania is an ancient country with a rich history. Staying with local people in Northern Albania shows a different reality compared to the capital city where we will have the opportunity to get to know more about the political and cultural landscape. Spectacular mountains and beaches will accompany us during the trip. Both countries are so similar yet at the same time diverse. This experience will give you an in-depth understanding of this fascinating region.


  • Meet a government representative in Pristina
  • Party with a gypsy band
  • Cross the bridge in the divided city of Mitrovica
  • Visit the Serbian Orthodox monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Find out about women’s rights and their challenges in everyday life
  • Visit Valbona Valley and spend a night with a local family
  • Meet with the adviser of the Minister of Youth and Social Welfare in Tirana
  • Get together with activists on LGBT rights in Albania
  • Learn about Roma minority in the region