Israel/Palestine 17.07.2011 - 31.07.2011

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What we’re hoping to achieve on this journey is to gain a new perspective on the Middle Eastern conflict. We’re also aiming to immerse ourselves in the culture and daily lives of the Israelis and Palestinians.

Our trip will be divided into three parts, the first leading us to different historical and cultural hot spots in the State of Israel.  After visiting the historical site of Masada, we will spend a couple of days in Jerusalem. Lastly, we will experience Palestinian hospitality in the West Bank, taking trips to Ramallah and Hebron.

On our tour, we will meet officials and professors, as well as representatives of local NGO’s. We will get a look behind the scenes of the conflict, and what the western media misses – the daily life and how people get on with each other.

Additionally included – experience the uniqueness of the nature in the region - there will be a voyage to the Dead Sea, the Oasis En Ghedi, and the fortress of Masada.

« Vers l’Orient complique je partais avec des idées simples »  Charles de Gaulle

‘The Holy Land’ offers a wide range of sites and towns famous for their religious significance. More common for the region is the news about dispute and conflict, but on this trip you will see Israel and Palestine like you’ve never seen them before.

Have we sparked your interest?
Get an in-depth insight into Israel/Palestine this coming July …

  • Familiarize ourselves with the modern State of Israel
  • Get rid of prejudices by hearing different opinions/views first hand
  • Converse with people that devote their lives to peace between Israel and Palestine
  • Get a closer look at people’s livelihoods in the West Bank

One of the Highlights of our travels through Israel/Palestine will be the visit of Barta’a, a city on the green line, where half of the residents are carrying Palestinian passports, and the other half are people with Israeli citizenship.
Another main feature will be the discovery of Jerusalem, where we also will explore the old city and encounter representatives of various organizations like Parents Circle.

We will get insight into the modern society of Israel from Moshe Zuckermann, a professor of sociology, history, and philosophy at the University of Tel Aviv, and hear about humanitarian help and hope from Mustafa Barghouti, Palestinian activist and Founder of Medical Relief.


«Balanced, very interesting program with many political and also some cultural aspects, very intense two weeks with many unforgettable experiences.»
Alexandra Häfliger, 11.12.2011