China/Taiwan 30.08.2012 - 12.09.2012

Did you ever wonder where all the “made in China” products come from? Have you ever thought about why the Chinese do not just abandon their complicated character writing system and replace it with a simple alphabet? What is left of communism in China today and how different is Taiwan? We will try to answer these and many more questions on the South China & Taiwan Tour 2012! Join us on this trip and see for yourself!

We will visit the regions where the Chinese miracle(s) first took off. Hong Kong and Taiwan (together with South Korea and Singapore) used to be known as the Four Asian Tigers, symbolizing fast economic growth and rapid urbanization. In the opening-up and reform period, starting in the late 70’s and early 80’s, China and in particular the Pearl River Delta with Guangzhou as its main hub followed in their footsteps, experimenting with different policies evolving into the world’s factory.

We intend to give the participants an insight into the changes this region underwent and also show you some of challenges and conflicts that came with it. We hope to give you a balanced representation including the views of different institutions and individuals covering a wide range of topics from education and migration to business, political relations and local culture. To this end, we will meet many resourceful experts and professionals who will share their experience and observations with us.


  • Learn about economic development and environmental issues in the PEARL RIVER DELTA
  • Meet HUANG WEIKAI, director of the disturbing documentary “Disorder” about Guangzhou
  • Witness both contrast and integration of TRADITION and MODERNITY in cities like Taipei
  • Experience the important role of FOOD in social interactions in Chinese societies
  • Follow the traces and legacy of the COLONIAL ERA in both Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • Learn about SINO-SWISS BUSINESS RELATIONS and the growing interdependence

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