Zambia 01.09.2014 - 13.09.2014

Little explored and south of the African continent, is Zambia, previously known as Northern Rhodesia. Have you ever thought of visiting this country? And does this country evokes more in you than mystery?

Clustered in the middle of eight other countries, Zambia invites all Africa lovers to dig deeper to discover what it’s called in French: “la véritable Afrique”. Zambia is home to 14 million inhabitants and will celebrate in October this year fifty years of independence.

This intercultural study trip will give participants the opportunity to get familiar with the ‘Zambian culture’, which results mainly from the melting pot of dispatched tribes brought together during the colonial era. It will also give participants the opportunity to interact with university students as well as economic and political actors. But overall, it aims to raise awareness on ethical and environmental issues with a lot of fun!

Goals and Highlights

To explore Zambia, a country located 7’200km far from Switzerland but which, nevertheless, possesses stronger ties with the latter country than you may imagine. We make it our mission to arrange a designed programme with a high-level panel of people from all sectors.

Political and Economical activities:

  • Visit the copper industry, the biggest industry of Zambia, which runs its economy: A sector in which Switzerland plays also a key role on the plant.
  • See how Zambia’s mineworkers Union, a well-known political institution active in the overall southern region of Africa, strives for achieving better rights for workers.

Social and cultural activities:

  • Discuss ethical and environmental issues through a workshop with students from the University of Zambia.
  • Compare and contrast rural community life to Lusaka’s big city life.
  • Discover Victoria Falls and Kafue National Park